For the first time, China's power grid investment exceeds the power supply

2010/9/26 17:11:08  view Category:Industry News

The proportion of investment in power grids and power construction has been reversed for the first time in the past year.

According to the statistics of China electric power enterprise federation, the amount of capital construction investment reached 576.3 billion yuan in 2008, a year-on-year increase of 1. 52%. Among them, the power supply completed investment of 287.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 10. 78% of the total investment in the grid was 288.5 billion yuan, up 17 percent year on year. 69%. The construction investment of power grid accounts for 50 of the capital construction investment. 05% for the first time in recent years.

By the end of 2008, the length of the transmission line of 220 kv and above was 36. 48,000km, up 11. 1%, 220 kv and above equipment capacity reached 1387.14 million kva, a year-on-year increase of 17. 8%.

"The country's $4 trillion investment plan has increased investment in infrastructure construction, and grid investment will be the focus of future construction." According to the insider, the next two years, power grid construction investment will continue to soar, is expected in 2009 China's power supply, power grid investment proportion will reach 4:6, power grid investment proportion is expected to rise to 10%.

Power grid construction has been fruitful, and the scale of power grid continues to expand. Southeast shanxi - jingmen 1 million v high voltage test demonstration project put into operation in January, xiangjiaba - Shanghai - 800000 v high voltage dc power transmission project construction, show the uhv construction of the new progress made in; Lanzhou dong-baiyin - ningdong and qinghai guanting - xining 750 kv power transmission and transformation project successively, marked the progress of the construction of 750 kv power grid in northwest China. 500 kv in guizhou to grasp to guangdong xian to mountain and 500 kv power transmission and transformation project wenshan, dah sing, nanning power transmission and transformation project completed and put into production in succession, 500 kv "anhui electricity to east" west channel, to north China power grid in Inner Mongolia khan built was put into the sea - sell source - peace city 500 kv power transmission and transformation projects are put into operation, efforts to build a "China" channel fast; Northeast, north China dc back-to-back networking project completion of commissioning, the world's first + 660 kv (east ningxia) - northwest north (shandong) dc power transmission demonstration project and northwest, central China (sichuan) dc network engineering construction, the acceleration of interregional network construction.

For a long time, China's power supply and power grid investment are seriously unbalanced, and the short board of power grid has become the bottleneck restricting the healthy development of power industry. It is understood that during the period of "85" and "95", China's power grid investment only accounted for 13 of the power investment. Seven and thirty-seven. 3%. During the tenth five-year plan period, the power grid investment accounted for only about 30% of the power investment, far less than the average level of power grid investment in developed countries accounting for more than 50%. In recent years, the situation of power grid investment lagging behind power investment is gradually improving, and the proportion of power grid investment in power investment is from 31 in 2005. 1% went up to 44 in 2007. 63 percent, in 2008, thanks to the implementation of the fourth quarter expansion of grid investment measures, the proportion of the annual power grid investment exceeded 50 percent, and the proportion of power investment in the power grid was reversed.