Smart grid: electricity meters and secondary device markets benefit first

2010/9/26 17:09:27  view Category:Industry News

The power grid further deepens the connection with the electronic information industry due to the addition of "smart", which will bring new development opportunities to the information industry. According to experts, the main features of the smart grid include self-healing, compatibility, interaction, optimization, integration, and access to various forms of power generation. The core connotation is to realize the digitisation, digitization, automation and interaction of power grid. The implementation of these characteristics requires the support of electronic information technology.

director of the Chinese academy of sciences DianGongSuo li-ye xiao told reporters, the "China electronics news" on the surface of the smart grid involves information level and physical level technologies, including measurement technology, communication technology, chip technology, the information platform technology, security technology, forecasting technology, advanced computing technologies, digital substation technology, distributed power technology and energy storage technology and new material technology and so on many aspects. It is not difficult to find that these technologies are closely related to the electronic information industry, and the smart grid will undoubtedly bring huge development opportunities to the latter. Related sensors, power equipment manufacturing, network communications, computers, chips, renewable energy, electric vehicles, batteries and other industries will be driven.

Electric power automation equipment is one of the most key equipment of power grid, under the concept of smart grid, the difference of primary equipment and secondary equipment in slowly decrease, the domestic power equipment company also got the unprecedented opportunity.

According to Xu Ji electric, general Xu Ji group on the right to introduce smart grid research center, director of the week, the smart grid power equipment demand has been rolled out, such as intelligent power products new standards have been issued. "From the standard system, the domestic companies and foreign big companies are in the same starting line, and the development of smart grid will lead to the primary and secondary equipment system integration, this is a great opportunity for Chinese enterprises." "For the new standards, we have developed a full range of products that will soon be available," he told reporters. In fact, these products are very early in research and development, but as the standards have changed, the products have been improved accordingly.

In terms of the semiconductor industry, intelligent grid application of integrated circuit is also put forward the higher request, the deputy director of the institute of microelectronics, tsinghua university Wang Zhihua said, a smart grid sensing system overload and can distribute power, to prevent or minimize the influence of the fault system failure. Smart grid to use digital technology, including the smart meter test power consumption situation, through the network of sensors and computer systems to control intermittent work generator, according to the production of electric energy consumption demand, thus improve the transmission efficiency. The smart grid will allow distributed alternative energy access to the grid, which also provides market opportunities for integrated circuits and semiconductor power devices. Wind power, for example, requires a rectifying device to convert an unstable alternating current into a direct current, which is then transferred to the grid after an alternating current that is acceptable to the grid. Solar cells generate direct current, which also requires conversion of the inverter. Both rectifier and inverter, the core is power semiconductor devices. The measurement of distributed energy in the process of input power grid depends on the integrated circuit.

Journalists have found that IT giants and semiconductor companies have been actively involved in the smart grid. Intel China industry cooperation and solution of high-end corporate customers MaoLiNing China regional manager, told reporters that Intel has set up a joint laboratory with state grid company, integration of high performance computing and embedded technology, the Intel architecture server for power grid modeling and simulation, to implement the network isolation and power plant automation. Grace wisdom pu semiconductor in greater China, multiple market products division director Jin Yujie say grace wisdom pu semiconductor diverse product lines can meet the field of power system, the demand for all kinds of electronic components, their products are mainly used in electric power terminal, negative control, set copy and single-phase/three-phase electric meter.

From power stations to power grids to substations to users, smart grids formed through smart gateways will form a value chain, experts say. And observe the current development situation, smart meters and the second device will be the first to benefit in the value chain link, in the United States and European countries, smart meters configuration is referred to the development of the first step. China also plans to have 40 million smart meters next year, and state grid has recently begun bidding for smart meters. Semiconductor companies such as freescale and nchi have launched a number of new smart meter products and solutions this year, which has strengthened the promotion of this market.