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  Focusing on power industry for 8 years, we have accumulated lots of precious experience and resources. We have got the best team, scientific management idea. What we can provide not only looks good, but best. The main products of SCOM are: advanced metering infrastructure system and wireless and no-battery temperature measuring system. Meanwhile, we provide software products R&D and outsourcing.

Temperature monitoring system

AMI system


Clock synchronization system

Surface acoustic wave technique, wireless communication, no battery, passive activated;
High cost performance, small size and convenient and adaptable for installation;
Constant temperature monitoring performance;
Safety is guaranteed during operation;

Adopt multi-hop network, in which nodes quantity and network coverage are adaptable;
Network built automatically, no need of human manipulation; nodes can heal it by itself;
Strong at anti-interference and stable at resistance, and no limitation from network composition;

Multi-types input/output interface;
Flexible system configuration;
Reliability and high accuracy;
Friendly man-machine interaction
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility;
Complete quality assurance;

Transformer substation Switchgear temperature monitoring solution

A switchgear contains a series of sensors (normally 6). All temperature information from 6 sensors are collected, sent and managed by 1 reader.
Among switchgears in a local area, (e.g. a transformer substation), data are transmitted through CAN bus network or wireless ad hoc network which are composed by readers. All temperature information are collected, stored and managed by the temperature monitoring terminals. Information can display at monitoring terminals by LCD screen……

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