Corporate Profile

Sichuan scom intelligent technology co., LTD. Was founded on August 18, 2003, and has been developing for 15 years.

         Today, scom intelligence is a new high-tech innovation-oriented enterprise which is mainly engaged in the testing of electric power equipment and the intelligent temperature measurement of electric equipment. scom company is a high-tech enterprise and innovation enterprise recognized by the state. It is also the listed enterprise of the new third board and the stock code is 870023. The company passed the national "double soft one high" certification, ISO9001:2000 quality certification; At the same time, it has obtained many national patents and departments, provincial identification of scientific and technological achievements.


        Through the rapid development in recent years,The company has formed a variety of areas spanning transmission, electricity transmission and distribution.With a variety of professional power detection technology solutions and patent products a complete set of power testing service guarantee system.In 2015, the company decided to take "online temperature measurement products" and "X-ray detection" as the two core businesses of the company's development.The company entered into business at a high speed.The relevant technologies and products of the company's temperature measurement and X-ray detection have been successfully applied to various provinces and autonomous regions in China,Customer service for state grid and southern power grid.

        scom is a company that pursues technological innovation. In the development of scom company, it always adheres to two principles: technology is the real core competitiveness of scom. Talent is the core driving force of scom's development. The company's electric power testing service products have won the trust of customers with advanced technology, excellent service and reliable operation. The market share is ahead of peers, ranking top in the country. scom company set up branches in several provinces and municipalities, is the United States GE company, China electric institute, xi 'an jiaotong university, electronic science and technology university and other famous enterprises, scientific research units, of the university of strategic partners, with independent technology research and development team and a number of technical invention patent.


        "Obey the inherent laws of the data,speculate on the trend of the development of the affairs." has always been the core value of the company's pursuit. We will develop and apply smart technology to ensure the healthy operation of power equipment and the supply of energy security. It's also our mission. We are working hard to provide reliable power safety monitoring and testing services for our customers, and we will continue to take social responsibilities actively in the future.