Smart grid or the fourth industrial revolution.

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The construction of China's smart power grid will be gradually advanced in three stages, starting from June 2009 to complete the unified and strong smart grid by 2020. Industry insiders believe that smart grid and clean energy could be the start of the fourth industrial revolution.

Experts predict that by 2020, China's total investment in the field of smart grid will reach trillions of yuan, or even reach 4 to 5 trillion yuan, with an average annual investment of at least 800 to 100 billion yuan.

Due to different layout priorities, industry investment opportunities will be different. The biggest beneficiaries are secondary equipment and power management systems, and smart meters will be the biggest winners in grid investment.

Recently the Shanghai and shenzhen stock index slightly concussion upside, intraderweight, but the plate and individual stock market is wonderful. We believe that in the high frequency innovation under the background of the market index, this year's theme of investment opportunities will be faced with more investment opportunities, a state council executive meeting, in recently proposed accelerating triple play telecom network, broadcasting television network and the Internet, as a substantial positive support, smart grid stocks market outlook is expected to step into accelerating stage, investors may wish to monitor closely.

Smart grid or the fourth industrial revolution.
Looked from the present situation, the state grid this year will be implemented in the national key cities for the main electric vehicle charging station construction, and according to the national grid company development plan, published in 2009, the smart grid construction in China will be gradual in three phases. Between June 2009 and 2010, the pilot phase was planned. From 2011 to 2015 is the comprehensive construction stage; The next five years are the leading stage of ascension; By 2020, we will build a unified and strong smart grid. The smart grid and clean energy could be the start of the fourth industrial revolution, according to industry figures.

Abundant capital guarantees an annual investment of nearly 100 billion yuan.
In addition to the policy support, China has also paid sufficient attention to the smart grid. In 2009, state grid invested 311.1 billion yuan in fixed assets, of which the power grid investment reached 305.86 billion yuan, up 22.5%. The operating income was 1266 billion yuan, and the profit was 4.52 billion yuan, and the investment in domestic demand was 312.4 billion yuan. Experts predict that China's total investment in smart grid will reach a trillion yuan by 2020. It is even expected to reach 4 to 5 trillion yuan, with an average annual investment of at least 800 to 100 billion yuan.

Smart meters benefit most.

It is worth noting that, although smart grid is an important engine of China's economic development in the next decade, the smart power grid has a lot of practical significance as far as it is concerned. The first is the shortage of coal power in many areas of China in winter, so as to solve this problem effectively, the rapid development of power grid construction becomes the urgent task. Second, the proportion of the country's new energy generation needs to be improved. At the Copenhagen climate conference, China announced a 40 percent to 45 percent reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP by 2020, compared with 15 percent for new energy sources. Arduous tasks to achieve this goal, the future, and can get new energy business development bottleneck of the smart grid is expected to become the focus, thus inevitably become the main market funds focused on objects. It is worth noting that at present, the power equipment and smart grid shares have been adjusted in the short term, and the market chips have been locked, and the probability of the latter entering the acceleration stage is greater. In terms of specific varieties, because of the different key stages layout, industry investment opportunity is different, the biggest of benefit is relay protection secondary equipment and the management system of power company, and smart meters will become the biggest winner in power grid investment.