For the first time, the state grid has made clear its blueprint for smart grid planning.

2010/9/26 17:07:21  view Category:Industry News

The "three mesh convergence" has just been settled, the "four network convergence" has been surging.

Yesterday, China business daily learned from state grid that the company has made clear its plans for smart grid development, and that the work will be fully launched this year. "We set up the smart grid department, which is dedicated to promoting this work. Our biggest advantage is in the user." State grid company general manager liu zhenya said.

In smart grid planning, the power line is one of the most striking things. A China mobile to our reporter said, at present, the only part of the family has telephone and broadband, but all the family electricity, power line on the Internet is more than another form of online access to the user. As for the technology maturity, China power (600795, shares), the chief engineer of the institute of science and technology in China, said in an interview with the newspaper: "there is not much technical problem." In fact, the power line has been basically mature five years ago and has been piloted in several regions. Yang yong, deputy chief engineer of hubei electric power company, said in an interview with the newspaper that if the multi-network integration, mainly in the 400 volt distribution network adding a fiber, the cost of the fiber is very low. If the fiber follows the cable, it is technically good.

13, the state council formally decided to advance the telecom network, broadcasting television network and Internet network, network connectivity, resource sharing, to provide users with a variety of services such as voice, data and radio and television. According to the meeting, China has basically had the technical conditions, network foundation and market space to further develop the three networks, and it has entered a critical period to accelerate the integration of the three networks. In fact, in addition to telecommunications networks, broadcast networks and the Internet, power networks will be an important force in the integration of industries.

The industry believes that clean energy and smart grid will likely be the start of the fourth industrial revolution.

Yesterday, the state grid tianjin electric power company officially launched the smart electricity residential district pilot. This is one of the pilot projects that the state grid is about to embark on this year.

In fact, with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of urbanization, informatization, intelligent building, intelligent community, intelligent city will become the future development direction, electric vehicles, smart home appliances will also be applied, "these are for grid resource configuration optimization ability and intelligent level put forward high request, has brought about great challenge to the safe operation of power grid." State grid insiders say.

According to the national grid plan, the standard formulation and pilot projects should be completed in the first place from 2009 to 2010. By the end of 2010, the cross-district direct current project had reached 12.9 million kilowatts.

By 2015, the strong state grid with high pressure as the core has been initially formed, and the transmission capacity of the ultra-high voltage and trans-regional power grid is over 240 million kilowatts. By 2010, the basic process is strong and smart. Form for the "three China" uhv synchronous power grid side, northeast, northwest 750 kv uhv power grid as the sending, connecting the large coal base, large hydropower bases, nuclear power base, large-scale renewable energy base of the strong power grid structure, uhv grid and interregional transmission capacity of more than 400 million kilowatts.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase the intensity of urban distribution network, rural power distribution network construction and transformation, especially the increase in the low voltage distribution network investment proportion, resolve such outstanding problems as power supply "their". In addition, because the current standard of national smart grid is not determined, this is also an important factor affecting the development of smart grid. According to state grid insiders, state grid will actively participate in the development of international standards and norms related to smart grid, and promote enterprise standards as industry standards, national standards and international standards.

In addition, the current power line network also faces policy difficulties, according to the ministry of industry and information, the operation of telecommunications, especially the basic telecommunications business must be approved. According to the reporter, the state grid company has communicated with relevant companies such as China telecom, but China telecom thinks "this is the business of telecom itself".

Shenyin wanguo Fang Lu telecommunications industry analyst also said in an interview with the ft, intelligent power grid will be mainly reform of the distribution network, the backbone of the OPGW cable and low-pressure OPPC cable, national grid has been to do the pilot work.