computer room environment monitoring/engine room dynamic environment monitoring

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Computer room monitoring scheme based on TCP/IP Ethernet structure
(1) the overall plan design of computer room monitoring
According to the distribution of the machine room and the corresponding dynamic environment monitoring features, the monitoring scheme of the machine room is integrated through the TCP/IP Ethernet gate prohibition monitoring, environmental monitoring and video monitoring. In the scheme design, the DH2000 network computer room integrated monitoring and control product of positive Swiss Electronics Co., Ltd. is adopted, and the image monitoring and various kinds of products are equipped. Environmental monitoring expansion module. All equipment's information collection and control are carried out through DH2000 series centralized monitoring and management host.
The monitoring system of the computer room consists of three levels of monitoring system, namely, the provincial monitoring center, the regional monitoring center and the various sites.
The following is a specific measurement and control part of a computer room's power environment monitoring, which consists of DH2000 series monitoring host and sensing module.
(1) the monitor front end of the machine room (SU), each use 1 DH2000 series centralized monitoring and management host to monitor the environment power. The DH2000 series monitoring host is based on the IP network to carry on the data transmission, and with the 8 way switch quantity interface, can connect multiple water leakage sensors, infrared detectors and smoke sensors, and the leakage situation in the machine room Situation, security situation and fire alarm monitoring, using field bus acquisition and control technology, through the standard MODBUS protocol can be connected to 32 measurement and control modules, to achieve temperature and humidity monitoring, air conditioning, UPS, city electricity monitoring. And the related automatic or linkage control actions can be realized by connecting the DH2000-MGIO100 general input and output module, such as automatic lighting, video video and so on.
(2) according to the requirements, video surveillance can be installed in the machine room and the surveillance of illegal invasion by infrared detectors. Video surveillance uses DH2000-VS series video server and installation of infrared hemisphere camera to monitor the actual situation of the machine room. All video management has been installed in the central computer room monitoring center system. Management and real-time video. In addition, we can also set a certain linkage function on this basis. When the infrared detector detects the illegal entry of the personnel, it can automatically open the light and start the video video function, and send the alarm in real time, prompting the security personnel to come to view the situation.
(3) using DH2000 central monitoring software, the main body of the software package is based on environmental monitoring and alarm linkage processing. It supports the display and editing of the configuration diagram and has different security rights. It can record data in detail. It can be easily inquired. It can be alerting by the form of mail, text message and telephone voice through the network. The information is sent to the staff on duty and in charge.
(4) the DH2000 central monitoring system also includes the company's access control system. The entrance control system can manage the entrance guard system by local and remote TCP/IP network, and can manage the real time management access control system personnel card in the center.
(5) in view of the actual situation and specific needs of this system, the TCP/IP protocol is adopted and Ethernet (Ethernet) is used as the transmission channel to set up a high performance, safe and reliable environmental monitoring system.
(6) other users can directly check the monitoring data of the environment in the computer room through the intranet directly through the client.