Integrated monitoring and protection device for cable head of power distribution network

2018/4/13 9:48:41  view Category:Monitoring and testing products

System background:

    The cable joint is used for cable connection, with an average of several hundred meters, which is the weak link of the cable. According to the statistical analysis of the faults, the cable fire caused by the intermediate joint fault accounts for 70% of the city's cable fire.

    Distribution cable is usually laid with shallow gully, pipe row and even direct burial. It is difficult to patrol and can not master the operation state of cable. The distribution cable is complicated in the field, and the new switching movement is frequent, which leads to the difficulty in the management of the cable ledger, without accurate ledger, which leads to the precise location of the fault points, and requires a large amount of time and manpower. At present, the main city area channel resources are limited, a large number of cables are laid in the same ditch, but there is still a lack of systematic fire prevention measures. Once the fire will cause a number of cables to be burned in the same ditch, it will cause a large scale blackout accident.

    Therefore, the new integrated cable joint protection system with the functions of fire extinguishing, state monitoring, fault alarm and ledger management is very important to the construction of a stable smart grid.

Traditional cable joint system:

    After the middle connection of the cable is finished, because the intermediate joint is relatively fragile, the protective box is installed around it, which is used to fix the intermediate joint to prevent its deformation under the shear force. It has low cost and good fire resistance, but it has the following disadvantages: 1. The function is single. Although fire resistance, but can not extinguish the fire, can not stop the intermediate joint failure after the ignition of the same ditch other cables; 2, easy to aging, aging after the brittle, loss of protection function.

Cable connection integrated device based on low power and wide area Internet of things technology:

    The intelligent monitoring and emergency protection device for cable joint is mainly composed of two parts: cable joint integrated protection system and information intelligent monitoring platform. The protection system is set up at the middle of the cable joint, which is mainly the integration of monitoring, alarm, pressure relief and fire extinguishing. The information intelligent monitoring platform is used to manage all terminals, monitor the operation state of the cable joint, analyze intelligent analysis, judge the fault, and realize the fine management of the ledger.

Technical principles:

    As an intelligent terminal device, the cable intermediate joint integrated protection terminal uses the LORA technology in the low power wide area Internet of things technology to interconnect each protection terminal, and uploads the information of the status, monitoring, alarm and location generated by the protection terminal to the cloud server. The cloud service device then pushes the information to the worker. The handheld device is able to detect and process the abnormal state or fault of all kinds of cable joints in time.

Core products:

    The intelligent monitoring and emergency protection device of the cable joint can achieve six functions: the traditional explosion-proof isolation function, the high efficiency and rapid fire extinguishing function, the water level monitoring and alarm function, the temperature monitoring and alarm function and the state transmission and positioning function.

Applied value:

    Fast fault location: it can reduce cable failure, handle power outage time and reduce power loss.

    Initial fire: preventing group accidents caused by cable fire, effectively preventing the occurrence of the other cables in the same ditch caused by the cable head failure.

Significant social benefits: avoiding the large-scale blackout and ensuring high quality service, the stable supply of electricity is the embodiment of a city's developed degree, an important driving force for the development of the city, and the maintenance of the city image and the excellent investment environment.