The smart grid will be unveiled

2012/9/12 17:16:01  view Category:Industry News

China pavilion, theme pavilions, expo center and four large photovoltaic power stations in the city will be connected to the power grid. The total capacity will be 4.687MW... According to calculation, during the world expo, clean energy will be incorporated into the power grid, 30% of its capacity to meet the expo site, will reduce carbon dioxide emissions about 160000 tons, about 1200 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and nox emissions about 670 tons. It is reported that the state grid corporation, in combination with the theme of the expo, focuses on the development direction of "low-carbon economy" and becomes the first smart power grid demonstration zone in China. The smart grid solves the "bottleneck" of clean energy integration into the grid.

This demonstration area includes nine demonstration projects and four demonstration projects. Nine demonstration projects around the world expo theme, the expo park to carry out intelligent substation, power distribution automation engineering, fault repair management system, power quality monitoring, electricity information collection system, energy storage system, new energy access research, intelligent building/household and demonstration applications such as electric vehicle charging and discharging station. And four demonstration engineering general audience and professionals through the smart grid scheduling technology support system, intelligent transmission display, information platform demonstration engineering applications such as display, visual display, close, angles, and visual understanding of the smart grid.

At the expo site construction also have electric vehicle charging and discharging demonstration station and electric cars to interact with grid system, can realize the electric car energy bi-directional controllable flow between grid and, according to the power grid operation and control instruction to realize dynamic response, show the application of the electric car as a distributed mobile energy storage potential.